Shipping Containers Ballarat: Your One-Stop Container Solution by BoxMate

BoxMate is your trusted partner with years of industry experience and extensive product knowledge to handle all your shipping container needs. Let us make your dream a reality!

The Ultimate Selection of Containers for Sale & Hire

BoxMate offers a wide selection of containers for sale or rent, including new, used, modified, and customized options. As a retail division of Tradecorp International, Australia’s biggest shipping container wholesaler, we provide an extensive range of choices.

Do you ever struggle to find the right container for your needs? Our licensed supply of container-mounted dome shelters is here to help! We have depots located all across Australia and can guarantee fast and efficient delivery to your doorstep.

Hire or Buy? Let Us Help You Decide

At BoxMate, we recognize that each client has unique needs. Therefore, our team is committed to finding the most appropriate and affordable container product for you. Whether you are interested in renting or purchasing, our specialists are available to assist you in making an informed decision.

Streamlined Modifications for Endless Possibilities

Our shipping containers are incredibly versatile and can be used for much more than their traditional purpose. We offer pre-fabricated containers as well as custom modifications to meet your specific needs. The possibilities are endless!

We offer custom container solutions that can cater to your specific needs. Our team of designers will collaborate with you to design everything from site offices, accommodations, cafes and more. You can also choose to add features such as windows, air conditioning, electrical, and insulation to make your container space perfect.

Comprehensive Services for Every Need

BoxMate offers a range of services in addition to being a supplier to assist you with all your container requirements.

  • Container Removals: Make your move simpler by using a shipping container instead of hiring a removalist. You can pack at your own pace and we will handle the transportation.

  • Self Storage: We offer two storage options – delivery of secure storage units to your location, or you can use our self-storage facilities located across Australia.

  • Container Transport: Are you looking to relocate a container that you already have? We can assist you with transportation all across Australia, regardless of whether you obtained the container from us or not!

  • Container Mounted Dome Shelters: Our tensioned heavy-duty polyethylene shelters can be created in large sizes and relocated for various industries such as mining, construction, waste management, aviation, and more.

Experience the BoxMate Difference

Have you ever worked with a company that truly cares about your needs and has the expertise to support them? At BoxMate, we prioritize our customers and have become a leading company in our industry by consistently delivering exceptional service to every client, regardless of the scale of the job.

BoxMate is an Australian company entirely operated and managed by Australians. We place a high value on our customer service abilities and product excellence. You can expect a seamless and proficient experience by collaborating with us. Whenever you need inexpensive containers in Ballarat or anywhere in Australia, please contact BoxMate. We are available whenever you’re ready to handle your shipping container requirements. Would you consider relying on us for your shipping container needs?

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