Shipping Containers Bunbury: Discover the BoxMate Difference

BoxMate is a retail division of Australia’s biggest shipping container wholesaler, Tradecorp International. We provide superior shipping containers and services that are adaptable to meet your specific requirements. With BoxMate, you can have a flexible and long-lasting storage solution that serves all your needs.

Unbeatable Range of Containers for Sale & Hire

If you’re wondering what makes BoxMate stand out, we have the answer. Our expertise in the industry and dedication to excellence set us apart. We offer a diverse range of containers available for sale or lease, including new, used, modified, and customized options. Plus, we are authorized providers of container-mounted dome shelters. All of your container needs can be met by BoxMate.

Our delivery service is fast and efficient, and no matter where you are in Australia, your container will arrive at your home, workplace, or active worksite within a few days.

Hire or Buy? We’ll Help You Decide

Choosing between hiring or buying a container can be overwhelming for many people. At BoxMate, our aim is to help you find the most suitable and cost-effective container product that caters to your needs. Our team will carefully evaluate your requirements and recommend the best option, which can save you both time and money.

Streamlined Modifications for Limitless Possibilities

BoxMate offers the opportunity to see shipping containers transformed into versatile structures beyond just transporting goods. Their team of designers collaborate with you to create custom containers for various purposes like site offices and cafes.

Comprehensive Services Tailored to Your Needs

As you explore BoxMate’s offerings, you’ll find that we provide comprehensive assistance with:

  • Container Removals

  • Self Storage

  • Container Transport

  • Container Mounted Dome Shelters

At some point, you will come to the realization that we are a top player in our industry due to our extensive experience and dedication to our customers. We offer a wide selection of containers and related products to meet every budget and requirement, making us a dependable team to rely on. Contact BoxMate today for affordable containers across Australia and enjoy a stress-free, streamlined experience that sets us apart from the rest. Experience the BoxMate difference!

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