For smooth, uncomplicated deliveries, we offer 3 main forms of transport for your container. These methods include:

Tilt Tray (standard or super tilt)

Used to deliver most 10 and 20-foot containers up to a maximum of 9.5 tonnes, this method sees the container slide off the rear of the truck tray. This can be a great option if the placement location has narrow access.

Height clearance of 4.2 metres is needed and a minimum width of 3 metres will be needed for access. During loading and unloading, a height clearance of 5 metres is required. A super tilt will be used for 40-foot containers and need the same access requirements.

Swing lift/Side loader

The preferred option for 40-foot containers or heavy-loaded 20-foot containers, side loaders employ a lifting arm to place the container. A minimum clearance of 4.5 metres is needed en route to the destination and width clearance is 3 metres.

During unloading, the lifting arm will need 6.5 metres in height and 6 metres in width for dropping the container in place. The container is only able to swing off the driver’s side so please keep this in mind when planning the container’s placement.

Crane/Hiab truck

Used when a tilt tray cannot properly place a 10 or 20-foot container, a Hiab truck with a crane makes it possible to turn containers and accurately position them. They are also helpful when the container needs to be lifted over a fence, garden or similar.

Operational height clearance is 8 metres and overhead wires, guttering and branches will need to be reviewed. This option is not always suited to your location and has limitations, our team can offer accurate advice regarding this.

Weight and weather conditions will also play a key role in deciding on the appropriate transport for your container.

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